Wonderful Andalusian Winter

Winter in Southern Spain is a real treat. It ranges daily from mid-thirties to low sixties; cold enough to do common winter things – roasted chestnuts and hot chocolate, even ski in the Sierra Nevada resorts – yet in many parts, during most afternoons it gets warm enough to enjoy some precious time in the outdoors before the early sunset.

Here in Seville, we, Viqui and L. Alfonso, take advantage of this window of time to meet friends for hot drinks and some bites in cafes at the Alameda de Hercules, the River Walk, and the Puerta de la Carne among others. As evening approaches, we put our coats on, wrap a scarf around our necks, and take a stroll on Sierpes St. looking at store windows that show chic, fashionable clothes.

This is also a great time to visit world renown museums (Fine Arts, Contemporary Art, Archeology, etc.) and beautiful palaces (Casa Pilatos, Casa de los Pinelos and many others) to discover outstanding art pieces and striking architectural combinations that show us the rich past and the creativity of the people of region. One can also join workshops and learn traditional or avant-garde cuisine, flamenco, or fashion design.

Winter in Andalucía is great; nevertheless, Spring is just around the corner and by the end of February average temperatures will be 50’s and 60’s perfect to enjoy Carnival and other spring festivals. We invite you to check out and join our already scheduled tours or contact us to help you design a special voyage where you will experience the yugen & duende of Andalucía.

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