Why Andalucía?

Yes, we moved to Andalucía this summer.  Anyone could say, and rightly so, that we moved here because it is where Viqui is from. Well, that is partially true; we could have chosen many other places in the world. Nevertheless, this region of Spain is one of the “COOLEST” places where to live (and one of the “hottest” in the summer). Andalucía is a true melting pot of cultures, traditions and ideas, old and modern. And we have created “Yugen & Duende-Vive Andalucía” to help you experience and enjoy the mysterious spirit of this enchanted place. The video here will give you a glimpse of amazing Andalucía, and the words sang by “Ecos del Rocío” tell us about the life and deeds of being from Andalucía:

Here are some of the most emblematic words from the song:

“Andalucian, let the whole world know that I was born Andalucian. My land is Andalucia, the cradle of fusing cultures, of open arms. That is why it is the greatest in the universe. Here we take naps, we drink good wine; it is our philosophy, and we live it, because life is but three days.

(Chorus) We have a language that is spoken by all because good people understand each other with their eyes.
It’s the land of gazpacho. Early we wake up, the first ones at work, that’s why we lifted the whole world: explorers, beautiful women, bulls and pilgrimages.
We are the ones who have sent out the most people around the world.

Viqui and L. Alfonso will personally guide you to amazing places where you will live the YUGEN & DUENDE of Andalucía. Join our first tour, Nov. 30 to Dec. 9.


  1. Joseph & Lumara

    We really and deeply missing you guys. Big bear 🐻 hug 🤗

    • Yugen & Duende

      So do we. Lumara you have been a mentor and friend to laugh with. Joseph, you’re friendship always has brought joy.

  2. Carolina Castillo Crimm

    Beautiful country, beautiful couple, and beautiful tour!

    • Yugen & Duende

      Carolina, thank you for your kind words. We are so excited to see you again soon.
      Viqui & L. Alfonso

  3. Paloma A. Serrano

    Dear Friends,


    Yugen and Duende are you both, Spain and of course Andalucía!

    A toast for your Dream come true and your Happiness always!

    On day the three of us would like to enjoy Yugen and Duende with you!

    Besos y abrazos para los dos de nuestra parte

    • Yugen & Duende

      Querida Paloma, thank yo uso much for your kind words. We hope to host you, Rodolfo and Daniel one of these days.
      Viqui & L. Alfonso


    Fue una gratísima sorpresa la que tuve al enterarme de lo que están haciendo. ¡Fantástico Viqui y Alfonso!
    Seguro les irá muy bien, todo Aparece muy bien armado, ATRACTIV. Algún día por ahí nos veremos.
    Abrazos y besos, muchos,

    Mercedes, desde Guadalajara

    • Yugen & Duende

      Mercedes, Gracais por las buenas vibras. Esperamos verte por aquí, estamos a las ordenes.

  5. Shea Hill

    Your new home looks absolutely amazing! I am so happy you are following your dreams. I hope to visit sometime soon! We miss you in Houston.

    • Yugen & Duende

      Dear Shea, great to hear from you! I miss you, guys. Thank you for your words; I’m really happy to return to Andalusia, Spain. You are more than welcome to come visit: Mi casa es tu casa.

  6. Sapna Mendiratta

    We had a glimpse of the wonders you both have to offer through your travel company when we visited Seville for two nights in October 2019!
    Bobby and I had a wonderful time experiencing the beautiful Seville with the both of you! I still have the fond memories of walking down the narrow streets, exploring local shops and restaurants and eating local food while you both were explaining the history of Spain and Seville. We ended our trip with some good bye drinks on the rooftop overlooking the city! Was one wonderful time! Thank you so much and hope to come back and spend a few more days and explore more of beautiful Andalusia with you guys soon!!


    • Yugen & Duende

      Thank you, guys! It was our pleasure to do so. We hope to have you back for a longer time and with more friends and family.
      Besos y abrazos.

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