Southwestern Andalucía – Yugen & Duende Southwestern Andalucía – Yugen & Duende

Saturday, May 1 to Sunday, May 9, 2021

Welcome, Andalusia’s warmth awaits you!

Yugen & Duende-Vive Andalucía has joined the Woodlands Equestrian Club to offer you a personalized tour of southwestern Andalucía where you will enjoy some of the most iconic Spanish art, cuisine, and the beauty of Andalusian horses! Griselda Bellas and Antonio Renilla, President of WEC, will be your guides in this marvelous journey for only 9 people, including the hosts. You will experience the unique Feria de Jerez, admire pure Spanish horses at a stud farm, marvel at the beauty of Cadiz, regal Seville, and lovely white villages. You will be housed at a four-star hotel in Sancti Petri at beautiful La Barrosa Beach and go on day trips to cities and locations that are only one hour away except for the trip to magnificent Seville. It is important that you reserve before March 1, 2021; this trip needs at least four travelers to go on.

Day 1

(Saturday, May 1)


Arrival & Welcome Dinner

Pick-Up at Jerez Airport. Meet the rest of travelers and your guides for a Welcome Dinner at the picturesque white town of Conil de La Frontera. White towns are well known for their unique beauty and spectacular hilltop settings, with whitewashed houses usually huddled around an old castle. The frequently seen suffix “de la frontera” name refers to their historical border position.

Day 2

(Sunday, May 2)


La Feria de Jerez (The Horse Fair)

Spain’s festive spring moves to Jerez de la Frontera for the annual Horse Fair, declared of International Tourist Interest. In Jerez, you will enjoy sherry, flamenco, and horses. This fair is one of Andalucia’s biggest festivals, featuring more than 300 casetas (tents), music, dancing, bulls as well as all kinds of horse events, parades, and both national and international competitions of classical dressage, doma vaquera, polo, and shows, all combining to make it an experience to be enjoyed to the full.

Day 3

(Monday, May 3)


Cádiz, the Silver Cup

Believed to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Iberian Peninsula and probably in Western Europe, charming Cádiz stands on a peninsula and is almost entirely surrounded by water. Named Gadir by the founding Phoenicians in 1100 B.C., it was later controlled by the Carthaginians, and then became a thriving Roman port. It attained great splendor in the early 16th century as a launching point for the journey to the newly discovered lands of America. We’ll visit its beautiful cathedral, savor authentic “Churros & Chocolate”, and have some free time to wander about its picturesque charming streets many which reflect the city’s transatlantic links, where you can shop in quaint shops or fashion stores. We will enjoy our main meal at a traditional restaurant. 

Day 4

(Tuesday, May 4)


Royal School of Equestrian Arts & Sherry Tasting

In the morning we will visit the world acclaimed Real Escuela del Arte Equestre exhibition: a spirited performance of magnificent stallions in an 18th century location.  After our mid-day meal at the traditional Bar Juanito, we will enjoy a visit to Tío Pepe Winery established in 1844 and makers of the bestselling sherry brand in the world where you will also taste several of its wines. Located inland, Jerez dates back to Moorish times and possesses a charming old town, with beautiful palm-lined squares. The 11th century fortress, or Alcazaba, has been partially restored. Of special interest is its cathedral. Today the city of Jerez has a remarkably aristocratic air with wide streets, squares and magnificent rows of jacaranda trees.

Day 5

(May 5)


Campo Abierto & Medina Sidonia

Imagine, the freedom of the Andalusian countryside. Spanish bulls, cows with their calves, riders and horses working in Doma Vaquera and high Equestrian school. Hear the birdsong, the bellows of the bulls, the neighing of the horses, the sound of the cowbells…. And the quiet of the countryside, the Andalusian pastures… Smell the aromas of the land and flowers. Feel the caress of the wind on your skin and relax while tasting sherry with friends. In the afternoon, we will savor a delightful meal in Medina Sidonia, one of the most gorgeous white towns and one of the richest cities in the entire province of Cadiz when it comes to history. The town boasts numerous buildings and places of interest showing its deep Roman, Visigothic, Muslim, and Christian history. The “pueblos blancos” in Cadiz are testament of its significant past as settlements built to defend the respective territories of the Christians and the Muslims.


Day 6

(Thursday, May 6)



There are no words to describe all the options Sevilla offers.  A city that is over 2,000 years old with strong Roman, Muslim and Christian influences. After Christopher Columbus expedition to the New World in 1492, the city was awarded the only port monopoly to trade with the Spanish American territories making it one of the richest cities in Europe. The Cathedral, built between 1401 and 1519, is the largest Gothic cathedral and the third-largest church in the world. Outside of Seville there are 9 solar power towers which provide most of the city with clean and renewable energy. We will visit some of its most iconic sites such as the Cathedral, the Alcazar, the Plaza de España, the Maestranza, etc. We will have a delicious midday meal at the Santa Cruz neighborhood and enjoy plenty of time for shopping along the charming narrow streets!

Day 7

(Friday, May 7)


Morning Ride on the Beach & Vejer de la Frontera

LET’S RIDE!  Those interested will have the opportunity to experience a unique sunrise ride on gorgeous La Barrosa Beach. Make sure to let your guide Antonio who will ride so he can make reservations with the equestrian center there; cost is included in tour price. Afterwards, we will visit the marvelous Roche Cliffs, and end up enjoying our main meal at picturesque Vejer de la Frontera, a charming hilltop town with white-washed houses, narrow winding streets that still retains much of its old wall. As we walk the narrow streets, you are likely to see beautiful inner patios with lots of flowers and plants. Vejer is another town steeped in history from Phoenicians to Romans, to Muslims and Christians in the Middle ages. The famous battle of Trafalgar took place just off the coast near the town in 1805. Many parts of the town have views to the sea, and you can even see the Moroccan coast on a clear day.

Day 8

(Saturday, May 8)


La Cartuja Stud Farm

From its foundation towards the end of the XV century, the Monastery of La Cartuja was a cornerstone of the Jerezano thoroughbred horses.  For three centuries, which coincided with the centuries of greatest splendor of the kingdom of Spain, the Carthusian monks established a breeding stock which, through time, would be one of the most celebrated and appreciated stocks in the world. The exemplary livestock management, carried out in the surroundings of the splendid Renaissance building, situated in an exceptional geographical location in terms of climate and fertility, where the universally renowned Jerez wines are also grown. The Cartuja Stud Farm is considered to be the origin of the Pure Spanish horse race (Pura Raza Española).

Day 9

(Sunday, May 9)

Check Out and Farewell

Your guides will drive you to the Jerez airport or train station. They will also provide insightful suggestions in case you decide to continue your adventure to other parts of their dear home country Spain!

Double Occupancy

$ 3,150
/Per Person

Single Occupancy

$ 3,500
/Per Person

Included in Your Tour

  • Transportation from the assigned airport or train station to hotel and from hotel to the assigned airport or train station via scheduled transfers will be provided on the first and last days of the tour respectively. IMPORTANT NOTE: To plan pick-up times, you must provide us with your up-to-date travel itinerary via email as soon as possible.
  • Transportation by deluxe coach with private driver is provided to several sites and between the scheduled cities. Smaller groups may be transported in minivans for day trips.
  • Accommodations at planned 3- and 4-star hotels. Hotels may be substituted for another of equal or higher quality if the need arises. Please note that “single occupancy” refers to someone traveling alone and using a room for him/herself.
  • All breakfasts and at least one other main meal will be provided daily while travelling with the group. A third main meal (lunch or supper) may be provided depending on the specifics of a given tour. Meals during the scheduled “free times” are at your own expense. You may also choose not to join the group for meals at your own expense.
  • Entrance fees to all scheduled exhibitions and visits. Sightseeing may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • English speaking guides will be with you during the activities provided by the tour.
  • Short, fun, thematic Spanish language lessons will be available every morning during or after breakfast before departure for the first activity of the day. This may not be a feature in some of the special and private tours.
  • Trip administrative cost and logistics, reservations and paperwork.

Not Included in Your Tour

  • Transportation to the city of origination or from the city of termination of your tour.
  • Costs of passports or visas.
  • Health, travel and luggage Insurance.
  • Room service, communication charges, souvenirs, laundry.
  • Meals and beverages that are not included in the itinerary.
  • Trips and activities not included in the itinerary.
  • Transportation that you take on your own.
  • Porterage of luggage and excess baggage fees.
  • Personal tips to guides and drivers.
  • Expenses incurred during any extra days not spent in the tour.