Peace on Earth and a Hopeful 2021!

What a year!!! 2020 started with lots of hope and expectations. We were ready to start sharing with you the wonders of Spain’s largest historical region, Andalucía. March rolled in; the first tour was only three weeks away and then Covid-19 rushed in like an unstoppable tsunami. The whole world stopped. It is now December; a fresh 2021 is coming with the hope of new discoveries and experiences, and we are here to make them happen for you.

At this moment, we’d like to share with you a glimpse of what we encountered this year. During the initial lock-down, some friends and acquaintances, in Spain and abroad, got ill and some passed away turning it into a time of reflection about life and the future, to understand that life is short and yet full of possibilities. Right at the start of October, Viqui and I, and some members of her family got Covid-19. Our symptoms were mild, and we were fine in about two weeks; nevertheless, her mother and brother had to be hospitalized. My mother-in-law almost died but is now home recuperating. The stark realization that friends and family can be gone in a blink of an eye sunk in. Day after day our focus becomes clearer; giving our best and learning to make our lives and that of others better.

It is in this spirit that we want to invite you to join us in this journey. We are again ready to look into the future considering the present and the past. Each day we want to ensure that we and those around us experience life to the fullest. We are now searching for ways where you can enjoy the yugen and the duende of this land we now call home, Andalucía. We want you to enjoy life. We want you to leisurely savor delicious meals and the bouquet of Spanish wine. We want to indulge you in some of the most relaxed and fun-filled travels you will ever experience, living the beauty, the flavors, the people, and the wonders of this land. Join one of our pre-scheduled tours of Andalucía or let us design your own, the options are endless.

Thank you for your trust and your support; and may these holidays and the new year 2021 be full of peace and joy.

Viqui & L. Alfonso


  1. Encarna

    Lo siento mucho. Qué alivio que todos estáis bien. Feliz Navidad queridos y extrañados amigos. Encarna.

    • Yugen & Duende

      Querida Encarna, gracias por tus buenos deseos. Os extrañamos también y esperamos que estas fechas sean de mucho amor y paz para todos vosotros

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