Moving Forward!

What a rollercoaster ride!!! This year 2020 started with lots of hope and expectations. We had three tours for the spring and were quite excited preparing and planning for future trips. From January to the first week of March, we visited the awesome prehistoric dolmens of Valencina, the impressive Middle Age monastery of Saint Isidore  of the Fields, reveled in Cadiz’s awesome Carnival festivities, and traveled through the quaint white villages of the Sierra de Grazalema. Then the pandemic hit us like a ton of bricks, and the whole world shut down.

After a not so well-managed beginning, Spain rapidly learned how to keep safe. It was quite impressive to see how everyone worked together to ensure the safety of the whole community. Food and medicine never lacked, essential businesses were kept open, and overwhelmingly people followed guidelines. During the lockdown, we joined many online seminars and courses to help us forge a clearer vision of the future. We wanted to look forward to offering you great experiences in spectacular Andalucía when you come visit.

Things in Spain are moving ahead, and like anywhere in the world, right now it is kind of a  rollercoaster and, understandingly, international travel is minimal. To keep things going, we have started offering services for the domestic traveler. We have joined with City Hall, AEVISE, and several hotels in the city such as Melia and NH to provide special weekend getaways in Sevilla for healthcare and security force workers in appreciation to the wonderful work they have done during these trying times. All the same, we are diligently working on journeys and ideas that will provide yugen & duende to your travels once you are here.

Imagine yourself enjoying a delicious meal and a fragrant glass of wine in front of one of the most iconic monuments in Europe while learning how Spain’s contribution was pivotal to the U.S. Independence. Envision an amazing walk along a shaded riverbed that has been used by humans since times immemorial. How about shopping for some of the most sought-after  leather goods in a mountain town established during Roman times? Would you like learn to  prepare a refreshing gazpacho or creamy croquetas? We at Yugen & Duende-Vive Andalucía are here to indulge you in some of the most relaxed and fun-filled trips you will ever experience. We want to make sure that you come across situations and places with yugen & duende so that you live the beauty, the flavors, and the wonders of this land.

İHasta pronto!
Viqui & L. Alfonso



    Hola Viqui y Alfonso,

    Espero que se encuentren segoros y en bueno humor. Felicitanciones en el comienzo de su empersa y les deseo lo mejor. Yo voy a considerar de planear un tour a Andalusia, especialmente por que me facina la historia de Andalusia cuando los cristianos, judios y musulmanes vivieron en harmonia antes que calleron a los reyes catolicos.

    Bueno, que esten muy bien y cuidensen mucho.

    • Yugen & Duende

      Querido Ernesto,
      Muchas gracias por tus palabras. Esperamos que estes bien y los tuyos. Aquí estamos para ayudarte en lo que necesites para disfrutar de esta región tan maravillosa llena de historia, cultura, gastronomia, vino y gente espectacular.
      Muchas Felicidades.

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