Peace on Earth and a Hopeful 2021!

What a year!!! 2020 started with lots of hope and expectations. We were ready to start sharing with you the wonders of Spain’s largest historical region, Andalucía. March rolled in; the first tour was only three weeks away and then … Read More

Moving Forward!

What a rollercoaster ride!!! This year 2020 started with lots of hope and expectations. We had three tours for the spring and were quite excited preparing and planning for future trips. From January to the first week of March, we … Read More

Wonderful Andalusian Winter

Winter in Southern Spain is a real treat. It ranges daily from mid-thirties to low sixties; cold enough to do common winter things – roasted chestnuts and hot chocolate, even ski in the Sierra Nevada resorts – yet in many … Read More

Happy Holidays and a Joyous 2020!

It is with joy and gladness that we, Viqui and L. Alfonso, write this note. It is been six months since we left Houston, TX, and we miss you so much. Yet life is beautiful and new things, mostly wonderful … Read More

Autumn in Andalucía, Charming and Inviting

Late autumn in Andalucía, Spain, the southern most part of continental Europe, is magical. The sounds, smells, and vistas fill your senses with the expectation of the joyous Christmas season. The slanted sun rays bounce off the tree leaves with … Read More

Yugen & Duende

These two globetrotters, history lovers, are now in Spain. Life has taken us here to Andalucía, a land filled with wonder, and we, Viqui and L. Alfonso, want to share it with you. We are crossing all the t’s and … Read More

Why Andalucía?

Yes, we moved to Andalucía this summer.  Anyone could say, and rightly so, that we moved here because it is where Viqui is from. Well, that is partially true; we could have chosen many other places in the world. Nevertheless, … Read More