Yugen & Duende

This legendary land...

where history brought together different peoples and cultures will seduce you with its unique character forged by centuries of amalgamation. Come, reward your senses. Marvel at dazzling buildings, listen to the laughter of friends and families, relish the flavors of time-honored recipes, indulge in the bouquet of a glass of sherry, smell the orange blossoms, delight at the sight of sunflower fields, feel the soft sands of the seashore. COME TO ANDALUCÍA


Who We Are

Yugen & Duende-Vive Andalucía is a theme-designed tour operator. Our goal is to have you experience Andalucía in a more personal and relaxed way, without rushing. We are Viqui Arbizu and Alfonso Duluc. We love life, people, and this beautiful planet; however, we absolutely love Spain, particularly Andalucía. Viqui is from Seville, Spain; Alfonso was born in Chicago, USA, of a Spanish mother. After experiencing life in different lands, professionally and on vacation, we decided to move to Spain, and we want to share Andalucía’s Yugen & Duende with you.

Our Name

Yugen & Duende are two words that explain the beautiful emotions that arouse inside of us. Yugen is a Japanese word that expresses the awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep and powerful for words. Duende is a Spanish word that evokes the spirit that elicits physical/emotional responses; it is what gives us chills; makes us smile or cry when reacting to an artistic piece. That is what we do; we take you to places and people that will make you experience Yugen & Duende.

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